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Our Preschool programs are meticulously designed to foster a holistic education for our students, providing comprehensive experiences enriched by skilled and warm teachers in a friendly, safe environment. Each child receives individual attention with the assistance of teacher aides.


Our programs encompass:

  • Initiation to Spanish reading and writing

  • Development of English listening and speaking abilities

  • Engaging activities in active math

  • Faith education

  • Technology class 

  • Use of tablets/iPads

  • Cultivation of teamwork skills

  • Introduction to arts

  • Physical Education and motor skills development


Students spend their day in comfortable and cheerful classrooms equipped with air conditioning, projectors, connectivity, and didactic materials. Additionally, they enjoy designated resting areas, playgrounds, sports fields, and private restrooms in most classrooms.


Our elementary teachers are dedicated to cultivating students' awareness of acquiring multiple academic and socio-emotional skills and contents through integrated learning goals.


We operate in alignment with Catholic values, teaching students to work interactively, solve complex challenges, express emotions responsibly, investigate, seek answers, experiment, and learn from mistakes. In essence, our primary aim is to empower individuals to be responsible, independent, happy, and well-educated for life.


Utilizing various teaching tools, including interactive digital platforms, concrete materials for math initiation, and student-centered methodologies like integrative STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, and Math) projects, we ensure a diverse and engaging learning experience.


Our students are the focal point of our institute, and values are seamlessly woven into our daily life.

Middle School

Middle School is dedicated to fostering attitudes, skills, and values essential for today's youth to become honest, cooperative individuals, while equipping them with the necessary tools for successful future education.

Our students thrive in a bilingual comprehensive program encompassing reading, writing, listening, speaking, literature, and grammar. By the end of Middle School, they attain full bilingual competencies, making English a practical communication and learning tool, without neglecting the special attention given to Spanish and the promotion of Mexican culture.

English learning is further reinforced through subjects such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Technology, STREAM, Arts, Geography, World History, and Physical Education—all taught in English. To enhance the curriculum, we also offer French & Korean as third and fourth languages.

We embrace technological education through innovative STREAM programs, promoting the use of electronic portable devices within the classroom environment.

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