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Educational Model

The contents of the curricular map encompass academic programs in Spanish (language and communication), Math, English, Artistic Education, Physical Education, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences (History, Geography, and Civics), Technology, and Languages (French and Korean).

Our Motolinía educational philosophy aims to shape a vision through what we term STREAM methodology. This extends beyond exact sciences to integrate religion and art, serving as the twin engines propelling our institution forward.

We embrace a practical approach to education utilizing technology. In our approach to Challenge-Based Learning, students are assigned tasks addressing real problems impacting their surroundings, driving them to find genuine solutions and showcase social responsibility toward their community and the environment. Within this methodology, students seamlessly integrate various subjects, including Mathematics, Science, Technology, Religion, and Social Studies. This integration fosters critical and analytical thinking skills, empowering them to devise innovative solutions to real-life challenges. Such an approach prepares them for the future, where collaborative work, technological proficiency, and solving significant problems are essential.



Our English language program fosters a comprehensive education, empowering students to actively participate in a connected world. Through a global perspective, students gain diverse views, expanding their worldview and fostering cross-cultural awareness.



The Spanish language program empowers students to efficiently organize thoughts, analyze and solve problems, and express themselves effectively in both oral and written communication. The curriculum focuses on developing skills through real-life problem-solving, fostering proficiency in utilizing language as a powerful communication tool.



In mathematics, our students develop skills to analyze information from various sources, identify variables, propose solutions, and make decisions. Recognizing the importance of cognitive development for global success, the Institute promotes mathematical thinking at all levels.



Our science program guides students to learn in a playful and comprehensive manner, emphasizing projects, exploration, and experimentation. We prioritize both cross-sectional and non-sectional knowledge in science, encompassing natural science, physical science, and social science.


In art and music, the institution promotes the development of artistic skills in students, fostering an appreciation for art, creativity, the ability to express themselves, and social and cultural integration. For the Motolinía International Institute, art is fundamental to the integral formation of the individual and complements curricular aspects with formative ones.


Physical Education

Our Physical Education program offers a diverse sports experience, promoting skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship in basketball, volleyball, skating, soccer, and athletics.  We emphasize character development, teaching discipline, teamwork, and perseverance, nurturing well-rounded individuals with a passion for sports and commitment to excellence.

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