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Student Admissions

Enrollment Process

To carry out enrollment, you must follow the next steps:

1. Schedule an appointment for student evaluation.

2. Submit all paperwork 3 days prior the evaluation date.

    - Application with a photograph

    - Copy of Birth Certificate

    - Copy of CURP

    - Copy of vaccination card

    - Copy of internal grades of previous school and SEP

    - Letter of Good conduct

    - Non priority debts letter

 3. Payment for the assessment.

4. Student Evaluation 

5. Interview and welcome by the Principal.

Student Writing
Smiling Student in Lecture

Required ages

Eligibility ages for each grade are:


  •  Nursery:  2 years. 

  •  Kindergarten 1: 3 years. 

  •  Kindergarten 2: 4 years. 

  •  Kindergarten 3: 5 years. 

  •  Elementary: 6 years.

The age limit is August 31.

Costs and Scholarships

Education is the best legacy you can inherit to your children.

Instituto Motolinía helps families to manage their kids’ education by providing an extensive scholarship program as well as affordable tuition and financing options.

Our fees:

  • Tuition. Ten monthly or one yearly payment. Includes access to our facilities and educational programs, infirmary, insurance in case of an accident, learning management systems. We offer discount for timely payment.

  • Enrollment. Paid yearly, includes 2 days each week, of after school activities (Band, Chorus, Soccer, Basketball or Skating), Parents committee fee. We offer discount for timely payment.


  • Socio-economic. Granted by Secretaría de Educación.

  • Academic. Available for students enrolled in Jr. High.

  • Third sibling. 25% of discount from tuition.

  • Fourth sibling. 35% of discount from tuition.

  • Fifth sibling. 45% of discount from tuition.

Day care:

  • Free of charge for Nursery to Lower Elementary students, Monday to Friday 6:45 to 15:00 hours.

  • With charge for Nursery to Upper Elementary students, Monday to Friday 15:00 to 18:00 hours. Includes meals.

Teenage Group
Our facilities
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