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“If we love the children whom we educate, they will correspond to that love allowing us to educate them.”

Faith Formation Center 

We are an evangelized, evangelizer and missionary community.

Our central axis is to seek transformation in Jesus the Priest, discovering the being and the way of the priestly spirituality, creating a foundation of faith experience.

The main elements of our spirituality are:

Mediating as living bridges

Applying the baptismal priesthood

Praying for the priest.

We attend the complete family forming our students, parents, teachers, and personnel.

Teens & Library
College Friends

For students

Our program helps the students to know the elements of our faith and to project them into a missionary commitment. Our classes are competence based, systematically designed, with a qualitative collaborative evaluation approach. The program includes:

Vocational accompaniment

Sacrament preparation

Priestly Assemblies

Spiritual retreats

Group Eucharist

For community

Spiritual conferences and retreats, Parenting and Grand parenting Schools, Holy Hour, Monthly Eucharist, Significant liturgical Eucharists and events, Yearly Pilgrimage, Apostolic Groups: Misioneros Laicos de Jesús Sacerdote, Familia Misionera de Jesús Sacerdote

Computer Class

For more information feel free to contact us:

Missionaries of Jesus the Priest

With Father Edmundo Reygondaud Iturbide, Missionary of the Holy Spirit, support, Dolores Echeverria founded the Congregation of the Missionaries of Jesus the Priest on January 14, 1938, in Mexico City.


The Missionaries of Jesus the Priest serve and govern Motolinía's university, Colleges and Institutes with a sole mission to educate and evangelize with a priestly spirit.

Their charisma is to honor Jesus Christ, priest and victim.

They dedicate their life to reveal the baptismal priesthood throughout the educational community, praying and working, for the increment and sanctification of priests.

All the Missionaries of Jesus the Priest's efforts are based on priestly spirituality, Jesus Christ as our mediator, merciful and faithful priest.

College Friends

Motolinía Apostholic Groups


Coro de los Ángeles del Kindergarten

Niditos de María
Amiguitos del Espíritu Santo
Seguidores de Jesús Sacerdote

Piratas de Jesús Sacerdote
Centinelas de Jesús Sacerdote

Jóvenes Misioneros de Jesús Sacerdote

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