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Jr. High

Motolinia Jr. High is focused on developing attitudes, skills and values that today's youth need in order to become honest and cooperative persons, we also provide them with the necessary skills that will help them successfully pursue their forthcoming education.


Our students grow and learn through a bilingual comprehensive program (reading, writing, listening, speaking, literature, grammar), and by the end of Jr. High they will have achieved full bilingual competencies, making English language a real  communication and learning tool, without prejudice to the special care that is given to Spanish, while promoting  Mexican culture.


We strengthen English learning with the following subjects: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Technology, Robotics, Arts, Geography, World History and Physical Education, all taught in this language.


To enrich the curriculum, we offer French as a third language.


We implement technological education with innovative coding and robotic programs, and promoting the use of electronic portable devices within the classroom environment.

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