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Teenage Students
About Us

Instituto Motolinía provides an enriched learning environment that has helped countless students get ahead. Founded in 1944, the School is located in Monterrey in the rapidly growing area of Cumbres. We’re extremely proud of our students and staff, who are always eager to learn, create and grow together. Give us a call if you need more information.

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To provide a higher education to students throughout Kindergarten, Elementary and Jr. High, whilst promoting the development of human, cultural and Catholic values, pursuing the goal of forming persons committed in the creation of a wholesome, human society.


Being an educational community formed in Catholic Spirituality, Humanistic Leadership, and Innovation; with international standards to transform the world.


Our spiritual values, Unity, Charity and Humbleness are features of Jesus the Priest, the capstone of Jesus the Priest Missionaries. These features invite all members of Motolinía family to live their baptismal priesthood and be mediators, living bridges between God and men.

Our transversal axis, order, respect, discipline and neatness, extol the way of being and doing of our students and all members of the community. They must be characteristics inherent to the integral formation process.


Instituto Motolinía, was founded in 1918 and named after the missionary friar Toribio de Benavente, since the Indians called him Motolinía (the poorest).  He dedicated his work to educate and evangelize natives of the New Spain colony.


Over the years the institute has expanded throughout various parts of Mexico and Latin America, such as: Mexico City, Xalapa, Montemorelos, Monterrey, Poza Rica, Irapuato, Comacalco, Oaxaca and Brazil.


In Monterrey, Instituto Motolinía was founded on October 12, 1944, in response to the request of prominent businessmen and entrepreneurs made to our founders, Mother Dolores Echeverría and Father Edmundo Iturbide.


Our institute has provided different levels of education, Kindergarten and Preschool started at 1954, Elementary School since 1958, and Jr. High since 1964. We are a private school that offers academic excellence, with innovative and international approach that promotes values, habits and attitudes development, inspired by Jesus the Priest, making our baptismal priesthood alive.

In 2003, our institute opened a new campus in Cumbres at Monterrey, founded with the original concept of Mother Lolita, always pursuing academic excellence, wholesome education, modern facilities, teachers committed with students formation;  achieving an international vision, working with new technologies and proficient pedagogical strategies. 

Educational Model

The transformative learning experiences at Instituto Motolinía Monterrey, are designed to help our students grow academically and as a whole person attending their emotional, social and spiritual needs.

Each day is filled with opportunities to experience student oriented, technologically immersed, educational situations while keeping our core values and identity. Our teachers create a safe setting where they support students in exploring the information and the world around them.

We follow high academic standards, with an international approach as guide to promote catholic leadership, community involvement and love and respect for our Mexican culture.

We are committed with both continuous improvement, in response to the latest research on educational innovations, and ensuring a caring environment for our children and youth.

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